At Drummond, we are committed to supporting the different dimensions of progress in our area of influence. To that end we have prepared a ‘Community Strengthening Program’ that includes projects to help develop communities.

Community Strengtheniprng Program

Our Investment

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Resettlement Work

In execution of the resettlement order the government issued to mining companies, a process is underway with each community to reach a consensus on the structure of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for the municipalities of El Hatillo, Boquerón, and Plan Bonito.

These are the results regarding employment generation in the communities involved in the resettlement process:

  • 66 people from El Hatillo were hired, 17 directly by Drummond, and 49 indirectly by the operation’s contractors.
  • In the case of Boquerón, 47 people were hired to work with the operation, 21 directly and 26 through contractors.


US$ 8,071,003

Investments of US$ 8,071,003 in
2017 benefited more than 99,587
people in the area of influence of
our operations.