The Company promotes strict compliance with its code of conduct by its employees, suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders. Conduct must be governed and inspired by the highest ethical standards, promoting zero tolerance for corruption and bribery.

Risk Management

In line with these behavior-oriented principles, Drummond established its Business Ethics Program to strengthen an organizational culture based on the principles of ethics and legality. An internal control focus primarily targets the prevention of conduct that is not in line with internal policies and rules or with the law, protecting the company’s good image and reputation.

The company has established different communication channels for receiving reports of situations that may compromise compliance with the Business Ethics Program.

Ethics Hotline:: 01 8000 91 9161

Direct number: (+57) (5) 571 9499


26 grievances

Twenty-six grievances were received
in 2017 through different channels.
All of them received a response, and
some of the cases have been closed.