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Message from the president

At Drummond Ltd. we believe that well done mining generates wealth for everyone and builds the nation.

It’s a privilege for us to use this space to show our stakeholders how responsible mining adds value to regions, communities, and the Colombian state, and also to describe the challenges we took on in 2018 as an organization, related to each goal we set. Please allow us to share our main milestones with you in this summary, as are flection of our commitment to continuous improvement.

Here you will find what we are and what we want the whole world to see: the excellent mining we do in Colombia, and the way we’ve made our operation responsible toward the environment, the communities, and our workers. Today at Drummond Ltd. we continue to believe that this type of mining generates wealth for everyone and builds the nation. Thank you for accompanying us on this path.

Our figures 2018

consecutive year as the company with the largest volumes for coal production and exports in Colombia.

place in overall reputation in the Colombian mining sector.












Corporate Strategy

Our goal is to offer high-quality coal to our many clients around the world, maintain our ability to compete, and develop products and services in response to an increasingly demanding market. We will do this under a production arrangement that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable, with safe processes that allow us to protect the surrounding areas and the lives and health of our employees, contractors, visitors, and communities.

Our company’s corporate strategy has three strategic pillars:

Work in compliance

We promote strict compliance with our code of conduct by employees, providers, contractors, and other stakeholders, whose conduct must be governed and inspired by the highest ethical standards, thus promoting zero tolerance for corruption and bribery.

We have made different communication channels available that can be used by employees and other stakeholders to report any conduct suspected of involving some type of bribery or corruption, or to communicate any doubts or needs related to compliance with the Business Ethics Program.

Communication channels


Ethics Hotline:

+01 8000 91 9161

+57 5 571 9499,

ext. 8499

Report to the postal address:

calle 72 # 10-07,

Of. 1302. Bogotá

Economic perfomance

Work in communications

Communicating with our stakeholders is one of the most important elements ensure our organization functions well. Some of the benefits of excellent communication are: