Message from the President

Drummond is committed to playing a key role in Colombia’s productive and sustainable development, and because of that, we work to evolve continuously our business strategies and corporate social responsibility programs.

30 years of effort

Thirty years of effort have produced results, positioning Drummond in 2017 as Colombia’s number one coal exporter to 24 countries around the world – exporting a total of 32,378,947 tons – while at the same time establishing us as a benchmark for good business practices.

These results would be meaningless were they not accompanied by the positive impact of our operations on our entire value chain, transforming the lives of our employees, the communities where we operate, and our clients.

The company’s operations in 2017 brought benefits to more than 99,000 people in our area of influence through 119 initiatives that made a significant impact in sectors such as education, culture, sports, infrastructure, and productive development, across the entire area of influence. This gives us great pride, and is the best way we can demonstrate that Responsible Mining is a reality in Colombia.


The coal that is exported is destined to the main thermal power plants of the world, covering markets in Europe, Asia and America.
The export is distributed in the following geographic destinations:

Our Strategy

Drummond’s goal is to offer high-quality coal to its diverse clients around the world, and to develop competitive products and services on an ongoing basis in response to growing market demands.

Drummond’s strategy is aimed at staying competitive in the market through production that is economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. This has led to the definition of three strategic pillars:



3,571 employees in the mining
operation come from the
Departments of Cesar and
Magdalena and other parts of the
Caribbean region.